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The Sun Lab utilizes both C. elegans and rodent models, in combination with genomic, genetic, behavioral and microscopy techniques to understand the transcriptional and chromatin-based mechanisms of neural development/plasticity, and how they are dysregulated in neural disorders.

The aim of the lab is to conduct rigorous science in a fun and all-inclusive environment. Promotion of strong mentorship, scientific outreach, and diversity/inclusivity are important components of lab culture.


The lab is funded by the HHMI Freeman Hrabowski Scholar Program and is part of the Department of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology (CDIB), with secondary appointment in the Department of Neurobiology, the Department of Genetics, the Civitan International Research Center, the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center, and the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute. It is immersed in the amazing scientific community at UAB, which has been recently named

Forbe's best large employer in the U.S

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